Leak tests

We carry out pressure and water tightness tests following the methods recommended by the UNE-EN 1610 standard, in all types of sanitation pipes, drinking water, fire-fighting systems, manhole, wells and in diameters from 50mm onwards.

Manholes and installations location

We locate and detect hidden manholes and pipeline paths with the latest radio detection systems with probes that indicate directions, trajectories and depths, in a quickly and efficiently way, always trenchless.

Treatment plants maintenance

Our high-pressure and suction combined hydrodynamic trucks and our container rack trucks, cover the complete cleaning and maintenance service needed by wastewater treatment plants and septic tanks, including the transport and management of the generated waste.

Manholes sealing

We seal water filtrations and waterproof manholes with the latest application systems and products on the market, such as quick-sealing mortars and coatings, thus avoiding the high electrical costs of pumping and possible disturbances on the biological processes of wastewater treatment plants.

Obturación y bypass

Disponemos de una variada gama de obturadores desde los 20mm de diámetro hasta los 1.800mm, para realizar adecuadamente las tareas de bypass, evitar el retroceso de aguas residuales en casos de rotura de tuberías o hermetizar las tuberías como procedimiento previo a la realización de tareas de inspección, limpieza, mantenimiento o reparación de canalizaciones.
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