Sometimes our pipes suffer breakages, cracks or are simply badly jointed some with others, therefore, losing its capacity and water-tightness.

For these cases of specific anomalies within the network, we have different systems of inside renovation, trenchless, eliminating all those derived costs and, mainly, the execution periods, and disruptions.

Spot Repair

In CANALIS we count with packers of renovation that, wrapped in fiberglass and resin, are transported by our teams and located at the repair point. Once there, they are inflated by compressed air and adhere to the damaged wall providing the best technical conditions, tightness and structurality.

The fiberglass sleeve forges at room temperature, performing the curing process when two sets of resins are mixed.T he installation time does not usually exceed 40 minutes and may vary depending on the climatic conditions inside the pipe.

Once the pipe is repaired, we proceed to its inspection using one of our robotic controlled cameras, thus documenting all the work carried out.

Top Hat

For the rehabilitation of connections that discharge directly into the main collector, in CANALIS we install some resins impregnated fiberglass sleeves, which are transported by our milling robots, on packers with truncated-conical balls, for easy insertion into the old connection.

Finally, as for the packer installation, they are inflated with compressed air and let them cure for about 40 minutes.


Whether for breakages that occur in drinking or industrial water pipelines, as well as for faster and more mechanical rehabilitation processes (without chemical products intervention), in CANALIS we bet on specific rehabilitation through the installation of a stainless steel ring or Quick-Lock system.

This system seals and stabilizes the damage mechanically, without construction chemistry or impregnation processes whatever the material of the pipeline to be rehabilitated.

This kind of pipe rehabilitation consists of the pressure installation of V4A stainless steel and EPDM rubber sleeves, through a positioning ball guided by our inspection camera.

This system is quick and simple, and thanks to the fixed compression and the EPDM rubber system, the tightness of the repair is fully assured.

For large diameters, we have the Quick-Lock Big system, which we install in two pieces for diameters between DN800mm to DN1300mm, and in three pieces for diameters between DN1400mm to DN1800mm.

In these installation processes, our highly qualified staff access the collectors adequately equipped with harness, rescuer, tripod, gas detector and autonomous breathing equipment, to guarantee first their safety and, finally, the correct restoration of the functioning in the pipeline.

Imagen descriptiva del servicio de Rehabilitación


For the rehabilitation of large size sections in CANALIS, we count with a continuous sleeve casing system (CIPP "Cured In Place Pipe") certified by the German Institute for Construction Techniques (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik).

With our technology, we create a new pipeline within the old one, without any joint, through an in-site curing process with ultraviolet equipment. Thus, it allows us to install up to 150 meters of continuous pipe in a single morning, in dimensions that go from 150mm to 1,800mm in diameter.

This new pipeline, which adheres to the existing one, is composed of fiberglass and corrosion-resistant, resin-impregnated polyester nets (PRFV). Wich, in addition to having no seams or joints, it has unique mechanical and elastic properties, that allow it to adapt perfectly to any profile.

This system is the most advanced until date, and the one with least environmental impacts since this curing process does not require water or steam and the installation is quick and simple (one meter per minute).

Besides, this system is the only one that allows having absolute control of the entire jacketed process (pressure, temperature, and real-time images) that guarantee the final quality of our service.

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Imagen descriptiva del servicio de Rehabilitación