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From CANALIS, we offer technological solutions for inspection, cleaning and pipes rehabilitation, following the methods of the “trenchless technology”.

Trailblazers in Galicia and Portugal, sector leaders and recognized in the field of trenchless technologies, CANALIS has the ability to respond to all types of pipes rehabilitation needs, both in public and industrial applications, thanks to a solution adapted to each circumstance.

Each one of our delegations is integrated by an experienced staff that will offer you specialized technical advice to recommend you the most suitable technology in each one of their applications.

Our presence in Spain and Portugal, combined with the support received from our collaborators from Germany, allows us to enrich ourselves daily with international knowledge that turns into a great added value for our clients, with tailor-made and intelligent solutions, clean technologies that minimize environmental risks and guarantee a commitment to society by avoiding noise and inconveniences.

Trenchless Technologies are the perfect partner to improve the life quality in cities due to their environmental advantages over other traditional technologies that involve the annoying and disturbing opening of trenches in the streets.

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