Thanks to the use of our milling robots, in CANALIS we can thoroughly clean pipes or clogged collectors, either by roots, metal rods or because of the accumulation of materials such as concrete, grease or sediment, that impede the correct flow on the network or modify its original section.

During this process, we introduce the robot into the network and, thanks to the images provided by the integrated CCTV camera and the diamond swivel head, we can remove these obstructions in a simple and effective way.

The advantages of using these robots are, among others, the recovery of 100% of the pipe section, thus eliminating the most resistant and deepest inlays without generating disruptions or noises on the surface.

Furthermore, during the process of installation of any liner, it will be vitally important the use of our robots for the reopening of connections that discharge directly into the general collector, as well as for the installation of new connections through Top Hat system.

It is the safest procedure to carrying out these works, as the equipment is handled from the outside, without any implication of works or machinery, thus reducing the risk both for our workers and for passers-by.

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