With the help of integrated cameras on remote-controlled equipment, in CANALIS, we can observe and identify features and anomalies in the pipelines.

Different equipment in each of our offices allows us to recognize the condition of the pipes in diameters from 50mm to 2000mm and continuous lengths up to 300 meters.

By obtaining this data, we can offer a service tailored to the needs of the network, determining the most appropriate repair procedure, estimating the duration of the work and always looking for the best time to carry out our actions, in order not to cause nuisances.

With the data of the inspection, we generate a report in which we collect an individualized record of the detected incidents, providing a diagnosis and a proposal for a solution, explained clearly and concisely, always attending to the specific needs of each client, in order to provide you with the best services.

This report is accompanied by a compilation of images and videos of the inspection in digital format (delivered in a USB device to the customer), which will allow you to check later the data recorded by our teams.

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Imagen descriptiva del servicio de Inspección